America, the whole world is watching

The election of Donald Trump as President was a shock to many -both in the USA and worldwide. However, some had predicted his victory and pointed out the reasons why he would win the elections. Andrew Spannaus -the founder of, published a book in June 2016 titled Perché vince Trump (Why Trump will win). One of the main reasons of Trump’s victory which he highlighted during the panel “America, the whole world is watching” is that Trump had criticized the economic situation of the country and its foreign policy, mainly in the Middle East, and this criticism turned to be very effective.

Spannaus added also that thirty years of economic policy in America were presented as everything was going well. But for many people this was not the case. And then, when somebody showed up and stropped repeating the same things, which were not true, people turned to him.

Spannaus also shared his view that Trump was not elected solely because of an increasing racism in the US. Furthermore, he was explicit that Trump’s election was not a backlash against the eight years of Obama’s presidency. He concluded that there racism and xenophobia do exist in the US but this was far from being enough to get someone like Trump elected with such results.