How news feed works

False news is a very significant challenge and Facebook is trying to handle it with a new tool it recently introduced, which aims at spotting and flagging hoaxed news and news designed to mislead people. According to Adam Mosseri, Vice President of Product at Facebook, the problem of false news should be taken very seriously and Facebook has to do many things to make meaningful progress in this area.

To a question on whether Facebook and Google are media companies, Mosseri commented that the question is not about the label but about the responsibility. He insisted that Facebook is a new type of platform and this comes with an immense amount of responsibilities, such as supporting and informing communities, creating value for people and for publishers; these are all responsibilities that Facebook takes very seriously.

At the panel “How news feed works” , he elaborated on how his team it trying to improve News Feed so that people can see personally relevant stories every time they visit Facebook.